Water Aerobics

Swimming is fun, and getting into the water can be refreshing. What more if one exercises while doing it – wading in the water. That wouldn’t seem like working out at all and simply just having a great time, right? That’s how it can be with water aerobics. This form of aerobic exercise is becoming quite more popular. What’s more, it is low impact, so one need not take it hard when exercising. There are many reasons why one can enjoy water aerobics. For one thing, it can be an efficient way of working out. For those who have had an injury and want to get in shape without too much strain, then water aerobics can be the answer.

And even for people who are simply out of shape and are tired of traditional exercises, water aerobics would be the perfect choice. Aqua aerobics is quite easy and simple to do. Even if one doesn’t know how to swim, such an exercise is ideal for shedding off pounds. To get the best out of it, one can seek the aid of a guide or instructor. No need to go for heavy and bulky equipments for working out. It’s a fun, fast and easy way to burn calories with water aerobics. Many people have become fond of this form of exercise.

Famous people and celebrities, doctors and even ordinary people – they have found an engaging means to get in shape and remain in shape. This form of aerobic workout can work for a lot of people. Kids and the elderly, teens and adults, they can have fun and fitness benefits with it. What’s fun with this physical activity is that it doesn’t feel like working out. It’s just actually so much fun. It would also be helpful for many conditions as well such as multiple sclerosis, backaches and back spasms, arthritis, those for cardiac patients and with tissue injuries, and yes, those suffering from obesity.

One can have their muscle tone increased and their flexibility will be boosted. For those who are interested in aqua exercises, it’s best that they seek out an instructor. It’s fun doing it in groups. Furthermore, a doctor’s advice is to be sought to determine whether one is in condition for such an exercise. And when the doctor permits, one can then be off for an exciting way to lose weight. They would become fit, and toned at that, and not to mention healthy. Their respiratory and circulatory functioning would be boosted and that’s fitness inside and out. And one more thing, they’d feel great, too.

This owing to the emotional and mental effects of aerobic activity. Aerobic activities are one of the best forms of workouts for health and fitness. Such activities are ideal when one wants to boost overall health and well-being. No doubt, physical activity is essential for most people, and it should be inherent to one’s daily routine. Therefore a person’s regular physical activity should be that which they like most, where their liking and even passion is. That way, being fit and healthy is not so much of a task nor something heavy to do. One may well find their enjoyment and pleasure in aqua exercises.

Elliptical Machines – A Cardiovascular Solution For The Older Generation?

The thought of aging can be quite daunting, not only for natural reason that we wish to stay young forever but also because we know that aging will creep up on our health and fitness.

Over time, the body begins to slow down. All the hardcore fitness activity we performed when we are younger begins to suffer as the body changes. Reaction times are slower and the body’s muscle mass, balance, suppleness and flexibility all become reduced. High Impact cardiovascular work is too much for the body to constantly cope with. Wear and tear over time on the likes of the knee, hip and ankle joints make the body more susceptible to injury and breakage.

However, all is not lost! The good news is that there is equipment that offers a full body cardiovascular workout with a low impact, which an aging body will welcome with open arms. Elliptical Machines imitate the motion of walking, jogging and running. The smooth oscillating motion not only provides a cardiovascular workout with use of both arms and legs, but is also extremely forgiving on the joints and muscles.

Elliptical Machines have risen in popularity over the past five years with many recreational and commercial gyms using them as part of their aerobic equipment range. The other great thing about Elliptical equipment is that they can are readily available to be bought online for the ever more popular use in the home.

It is a common trend that the older people get, the more time they spend in the home. Many will be retired, some just prefer the piece and quiet of home but some may be housebound because they have lost all the self confidence they had and ultimately their health and fitness suffer. The joy of an Elliptical Machine in the home is that it plays advantage on all these situations. Whether it is morning, noon or night, or simply whenever you have the energy, the Elliptical can be in your next room ready for you to start using and enjoying. Just set to your favorite workout program or adjust the intensity and you can glide on quietly to your hearts content. It can even be in front of the TV while watching your favorite show.

It must be noted that before taking part in any aerobic activity, that you should consult your doctor, especially if you have suffered injury or have a history of heart or respiratory problems.

All the benefits mentioned with an Elliptical Machine make it extremely easy for keeping your body and mind fit and healthy without the stress and injury. Not only are they being used by the older generation all over the world, but it proves that Elliptical Machines really are an effective piece of equipment for keeping us fit, the older we get.

Cardio Exercises – Burn Your Fats Or Lose Extra Pounds

Cardio exercises are the best way to increase your heart rate and metabolism and if you train using intervals, you can keep your body burning fat even hours after finishing your workout. These exercises are one third of the factors to have a flat stomach (the others being strength training with stomach exercises and dieting).

The reality is, there actually is no number 1 cardio exercise. The most beneficial activity is the one you will do regularly. Therefore, finding out something you like is vital to accomplishing your weight loss dreams. That said, some workouts offer more intensity than others.

Cardio exercises are most important for anyone who is looking to pick up an exercise routine. Especially for a beginner exercises are most important as it will help to develop the stamina and the resistance that are required for other exercisers. The cardio exercises strengthen the muscles of the heart and of the lungs and make them more beneficial.

Cardio exercises may seem tough and boring. Some treadmills and stair climbers may claim to help you burn 1000 calories per hour, but you may not survive more than 30 seconds on them. Start with the activity which you can continue for a longer time period. Number of calories depends on your heart rate and fitness. A beginner will be able to burn 4-5 calories per minute but a fit person will burn 10-12 calories per minute. There are slow cardio exercises and high intensity cardio exercises and both burn your calories effectively.

It depends upon how fast you want results- Some cardio exercises are high intensity which would bring you faster results as compared to other cardio exercises. For example cardio dancing would provide you with a high intensity strong workout as compared to plain jogging. Therefore if you want fast results and are willing to put in the energy you must go for high intensity workouts.

There are a number of cardio exercises that are meant for the beginners. It depends on the person that which ones he want to perform and which ones are suitable for him. Cycling, running, swimming, aerobics, rowing, stair climbing and walking can be good examples of cardio exercises.

Those who spend longer hours will likely to burn more fat than those who stay for only 30 minutes of cardio exercises. The 10 common fat burning cardio exercises stated in this item have one common goal: to break down body fat and strengthen heart. Pick one that suits your capacity and body type.

A great way to get the best of both worlds, is to add some high-intensity interval training to your cardio workout. For example, do your low-intensity walking for about five minutes, next go into a higher-intensity jog for the next five minutes. Then return to walking until you catch your breath. Now break into a sprint for about a minutes and then walk again. Continue alternating between walking and running until the end of your workout, or for about 15 minutes.

Stay Young Through Exercise

Exercise is a powerful tool against the physical effects of aging and it’s never too late to start. Being a senior citizen is no reason to avoid exercise, says University of Illinois professor of kinesiology Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko. In fact, any physical activity, like walking even if walking canes must be used, will benefit health.

It’s important to “choose an activity that you will do,” whatever that is, the professor said. “It really matters less exactly what you do than it matters to avoid being completely sedentary.”

A 1996 report from the U.S. Surgeon General indicates only about 15 percent of adults over 65 get a recommended level of physical activity and as many as one-third get no exercise at all, Chodzko-Zajko noted in an article he wrote for the journal Quest.

Chodzko-Zajko suggests that some people might benefit from strategies such as keeping a diary of all their physical activity, including even things like short walks to the store with their walking canes, doing housework or working in the garden. Seeing the diary with their activities written down may help motivate people to exercise because they will want to avoid days in which they have nothing to write.

Another trick to encourage increased walking that he likes is getting a dog. The dog will insist on going out for a walk even if the owner might not be in the mood.

“Part of the problem may be that we’ve adopted a medical model of exercise, where exercise is sort of a bitter pill, and you get a prescription and you’re expected to stick to it,” Chodzko-Zajko said. “But the bottom line is it takes time to change behavior, and I personally feel the broader you can define your activity program, the less likely you are to become demoralized.”

Even seated exercise is beneficial

People who need mobility chairs can still benefit from exercise, although they may have to do it in a seated position. Many of those using mobility chairs have the use of their limbs, but use the chairs because they tire easily. Walking may not be a good exercise choice in this case.

Instead, they can try doing leg lifts in a seated position. Start by lifting only one leg at a time to a horizontal position and then put the leg back to vertical. Do this 10 times with each leg to start, working up to three sets of 15 leg lifts per leg. Once this has become easy, lift both legs at the same time, again starting with 10 lifts and working up to three sets of 15 leg lifts. To increase the work load on the leg muscles, ankle weights can be added. Start with one pound per leg and start over at the lowest number of lifts.

Exercising the upper body is also important. This can also be done from a seated position. Do a variety of arm exercises. Start with one pound weights at 10 repetitions per exercise. If you don’t own any weights, a can of peas from the kitchen is a good substitute. Many web sites and exercise tapes demonstrate exercises for the upper body that can be done while seated.

Top 10 Calf Exercises

Calf exercises play a significant role in the proper functioning of your calf muscles. Placed on the legs? lower back area ? calf muscles are regarded as indispensable to enhance your overall physical health, and involve two prime muscle groups such as the gastrocnemius and the soleus muscles, both of which are responsible for any kind of movement pertaining to your lower leg as well as feet. However, calf muscles could function effectively only if they are healthy and strong. Here comes the importance of calf exercises. Some of the incredible benefits of calf exercises are enhanced aerobic movements, improved speed and agility, reduced impact during jumping or running, reduction of discomforts that occur during periods, and reduced stress. Further discussed in this article are the top calf exercises.

Standing Calf Raises

This exercise is effective for the functioning of both the gastrocnemius and the soleus muscles. Standing calf raises can be performed anywhere on a step. However, for best results, it would be better if you could do it on a gym machine.

Seated Calf Raises

Seated calf raises are especially designed to improve the performance of the soleus muscles, which is made up of type I slow twitch muscle fibers. The movements involved in this exercise are considered excellent to tone and shape your calf muscles. Prior to starting this exercise, it is important to ensure that you use the right machine and appropriate weight in order to carry out the preferred amount of reps.

Exercise Ball Calf Raises

Exercise Ball Calf Raises is one of the most comfortable as well as the easiest ways to strengthen and develop your calves. It can be done at home, and all you require to perform this exercise is an exercise ball.

Calf Exercise with Weights

This exercise promotes for a strong, healthy calf muscles. First of all, sit on a chair or a bench while keeping your feet straight on the floor. Hold the weight in such a way that it should be placed across your thighs. Raise your toes a little off the floor. Maintain this for one to two seconds.

Single Leg Swiss Ball Calf Raises

This is yet another exercise to strengthen your calf muscles. It can be done using a Swiss ball and two dumbbells. Place the Swiss Ball on the wall, and then keep your chest against it. As the next step, keep a dumbbell in each hand. Then slowly lift your one feet and lower down.


A great exercise to build calf muscles as well as develop explosive strength, plyometric work-outs are on the basis of muscle elasticity principle. However, this work-out program is not recommended for beginners.


All sports with sprinting as well as changing movements are considered excellent for building the calves. Among the exercises that are effective to build and strengthen calf muscles are weight lifting, football, tennis, soccer, and track and field.

Vertical Activities

Undertaking vertical activities such as hiking, climbing up stairs, and running atop the hill are regarded highly effective to build and strengthen your calf muscles. Both gastrocnemius and soleus are contracted with greater tension during vertical activities, which in turn is equivalent to several times your body?s weight.


Cycling is also a perfect way to develop your calf muscles, as it allows the gastrocnemius and the soleus to work for longer periods.

Forward Bent Lunge

This calf exercise should be done using weights. First of all, hold weights and bring it up towards the shoulders. Then, step towards the front in a lunge posture while slightly bending your waist. Come back to the starting position in order to continue the same process with another leg.

No Time To Exercise? Lose Weight Regardless

Some of us simply don?t have time to incorporate physical fitness into our daily routine. Between work, cleaning, cooking and taking care of the kids, many people barely have time to take a breather let alone workout. And for those of us trying to lose a few pounds, lack of physical fitness could become quite the obstacle. So is there any way to add exercise into your daily routine without actually having to set time aside for working-out? The answer to this question is ?yes.? The daily chores you have to do around the house could easily be turned into physical activity.

The truth is, at home activities can be just as physically rewarding as heading to the gym. All of the little things we do throughout the day could easily be turned into exercise. For instance, say you own a dog, taking that dog for a brisk walk could be a part of your daily fitness routine. Other things which could easily be turned into exercise include: playing outside with the kids, working in the garden, and household cleaning. Yes even household cleaning can offer you some sort of physical activity. Simply turn on some music and move a little bit faster when completing your household chores. Think about all of the things you do throughout the day and try to incorporate more movement while completing the tasks.

There is such a thing as living a lifestyle of physical fitness and that does not mean going to the gym. It means incorporating fitness into your daily responsibilities. By living this type of a lifestyle you will not only improve your mood but you will also improve your health. So the next time you think that you have no time to exercise, think about turning some of your daily chores into physically rewarding fun!

How To Get Perfect Abs ? Athletes Style

Every four years the people of the entire planet take part in summer Olympics. Some compete there and some are there with the heart and soul. I must admit I am a fan of this huge event and my favorite part of the Olympics is the athletics competition. I am always amazed of how good the athletes look and how shaped up their abs are.

Some of them have great genetics but all of them have worked hard to sculpt those six pack abs. Only by hard work and exercise you can achieve those beautiful muscles. And since it is clear that they hold the key to having a great body, why doesn?t anyone follow their advices and lifestyle? The fitness community tends to overlook this important fact. But do not get me wrong. I do not mean that we should wake up at 5 in the morning and do back flips. What we can do is investigate their lifestyle and how they train. We should see what exercises they do and how they eat.

I have noticed that the athletes are not doing ordinary ab workouts. In my visits at some Olympic training facilities I have seen how athletes do ab exercises every day.
They are particularly fond of these two exercises:

The Hanging Leg Raise ? Get an overhand grip on the chin up bar. Then you have to raise the legs up until they almost touch the chin up bar. Return until the knees, hips and waist is extended. Repeat the number of reps.

The V-Sit Up ? Lie with the hands over the head and, at the same time, raise the legs up and also the torso. Reach towards the raised feet with the hands and then return to the straight position.

Besides these two types of exercises, the gymnasts also work their abs by doing some full body movements. You can do these movements at home and perform full body movements that train the abs. You will need a fancy seat, a chest/back support or a bench.
Here are 3 types of exercises that can be easily done at home and they will help you train the abs:

1. Do suspended push ups. Lie on your back on the bench and let the abs just ?go to sleep?. You will work the shoulders, the chest, and also the triceps.

2. Ditch the pull down for some chin ups. If you do chin ups your abs will be working full time to perform the movements. It is a great movement.

3. Ditch the leg press for some tuck jumps. Leg press exercises are putting the abs to sleep because of the bench support. But that is not all. And because the sled is on guiding rods you are only allowed to move linearly and no stabilization or support is required from your abs. Also, you should now that the tuck jumps, are providing a great workout for the abs. All this in one single exercise! This is the big advantage of these full body exercises. They are helping you ?kill two birds with one stone? because they are very efficient.

So go on and make these changes in your workout routine and enjoy the results. Your goal of getting those perfect six pack abs is closer than you think.

Massage And Your Exercise Program

While massage has been most commonly regarded as simply a service to help you relax, there are actually numerous benefits that your body experiences. For those who are seeking to achieve a healthy body and overall wellness, massages can play an essential role in your fitness agenda.

As we exercise, our bodies expend energy. Our muscles can become sore or even strained, especially during the first few fitness sessions we undergo. And like a car, we sometimes need a tune-up in order to continue functioning at 100%.

Helping body functions

The most commonly renowned benefit of a massage is to loosen and relax the muscles. During a workout, lactic acid can form in the muscles, which is what causes the “muscle burn” we feel the day after. This happens when these bodily chemicals accumulate in the muscle tissue, causing a burning feeling, but it can also leave you with little desire to get moving again. Lactic acid is commonly the result of lack of oxygen in the muscle tissue and forms as a result of muscle activity. This irritation commonly dissipates within a few days, but not before lactic acid has hindered the tissue’s ability to metabolize minerals and nutrients properly.

By massaging the muscles, you can recover from soreness or injury and even prevent it in the future. This is because the massage provides more oxygen and nutrients to the surrounding tissues. Blood flow is increased to the areas, specifically the muscles. Because the muscles are responsible for movement and ultimately play a key role in converting food into fuel, their proper function is essential to any fitness agenda.

In addition to increasing blood flow, massages increase the body’s ability to detoxify itself by pushing chemicals out of the muscles. Toxins, including lactic acid, are able to be transferred out of their stored status and back into circulation. Because the toxins are being removed from the body, be sure to drink plenty of water to help eliminate them properly.

At the physical level, massage therapy will chemically help return wellness and increase your natural healing ability. Without the harmful toxins that could hinder your fitness agenda, your body will be less susceptible to injury and far more efficient. Even though the lymph system and liver are primarily responsible for eliminating toxins, the toxins can still accumulate and are normally stored in fatty and muscular tissues, making it difficult to properly process them. Sources of the toxins can vary anywhere between unhealthy diets to contaminants in the air we breathe. They can even be by-products of the body’s natural processes, such as lactic acid. By incorporating regular massages into your fitness agenda, you can help your body eliminate these toxins

A mental boost

While the muscles are often regarded as receiving the most benefit, there is also a psychological advantage to massages. The mental affects can come in the two different types of both chemical and emotional healing. Together, these benefits help the mind respond and function properly to ensure wellness in its entirety.

Chemically, your brain is apt to boost serotonin and dopamine, which are hormones within the body that make you feel good. During the process of the massage, you are able to relax and enjoy the experience, allowing for these naturally secreted chemicals to boost your mood. This is a natural and healthy way to increase confidence and initiative. But that’s not all it does, since it is also known to lower the stress hormone cortisol. Both of these effects combined will not only affect your mood, but also increase your body’s resistance to negativity.

As your body experiences these positive effects, you will also find yourself in a better emotional state. A body that feels great along with a mind that functions clearly provide you with the exact tools you need to remain positive. Emotionally, you are also put in a far better state of mind that will allow you to focus and achieve your goals. It isn’t just because you experience the internal changes secreted in your brain, it comes from a conglomeration of effects that result from the body’s relaxation and increased healing that causes your muscles and mind to respond well to during and after massages.

For the active person, regular massages can prove to be a beneficial asset to any fitness program. You can increase the body’s healing abilities and overall function, while at the same time positively affecting your mind. Throughout the body, the massage provides a great number of advantages that will help you achieve overall well-being.

The Fast Way To Lose Weight – Quick And Easy Steps To A Slimmer You

The fast way to lose weight is not by drinking some magical portion or taking an abundance of diet control pills. It is a systematic approach to regulate your intake followed by some basic steps to ensure that you are going to look after yourself and stick to healthy practices.

You can start off by drinking adequate water on a daily basis.

It is unfortunate that most of us fail to drink the minimum required amount of water every day and expect our body to function normally which is also a fast way to lose weight. Water has a lot of benefits attached to it and drinking it in correct proportions will make sure that your body metabolizes correctly and stay hydrated.

You need to eat right, in correct proportions and the right number of times every day.

Don?t skip any meals and make sure you are consuming nutritionally beneficial foods that can aid in building your strength and not contribute to your fat deposits. The right kind of meals can help you lose weight, and ideally you should not eat after 6 PM.

The right kind of weight training with exercises is crucial.

If it were only up to eating, then it would have been far easier to control your weight and make sure that you are healthy and in the best form possible. Unfortunately, that is not the case and you need to follow your diet up with some good exercises that will ensure that your body is capable of burning more fat and toning up in the process.

Set realistic targets and don?t punish yourself.

There are people who fall at two ends of the spectrum. One type includes those who find it very hard to stick to the schedule and the other type includes those who punish themselves and work harder than they are supposed. Make sure you fall on neither ends, and somewhere in the middle!

Remember, a healthy body is a happy body and vice versa. The fast way to lose weight is something that you make on your own, depending on your needs.

Tai Chi For Seniors:

Tai Chi is a ancient meditative form of exercise and is recognized by its slow captivating Chi is practiced by millions of people around the world to improve and maintain their Chi helps people of all ages meet the day to day challenges with energy while remaining calm and relaxed.

Stress being one of the biggest causes to health related issues it only makes since to take a look at the many benefits that are directly related to Tai delight of Tai Chi is that anyone can practice it,any time anywhere and in almost any state of health.There is no age limit.

Here are some of the many reasons and benefits of practicing Tai Chi.
? improve health
? reduce stress levels
? increase your energy
? improve heart and lung function
? strengthen bones,muscles,and joints
? increase flexibility
? prevent age related ill health

One of the main benefits to the elderly is that it improves balance and strength, preventing injury from falls. Many seniors begin Tai Chi as their primary focus to help aid in their recovery after an injury or ill health.

I hope this helps you to undertake a safe, health-improving exercise program.
These ancient Chinese exercises are fun and low impact and help to alleviate the pains of arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and many other “senior” diseases.

Tai Chi for Enlightenment .
The form is so magical that almost anyone who does it – including rank beginners here in the West – has profound feelings of deep soul centering and expanded awareness.These can best be described as enlightenment experiences. More incredible, it doesn’t go away, but gets better with practice. Repeat practice of the form deepens the blissful sense of peace, the feeling of returning to your true inner self. Seniors are also at a time in their life when they seek completion, and this form helps to achieve a sense of internal completion. . Both the sick and weak as well as healthy and strong benefit from it.

This form is amazingly easy to learn. It is so simple to practice you literally don’t even have to think. This “not thinking” state is also one of the pre-requisites to allowing your own Enlightenment process to naturally unfold!

At some point, each of us arrives at the realization that we are ageing. The conventional view of ageing has been that these changes are a downhill slide that includes loss of reproductive functions, a decline in cardiac capacity and a loss of muscle and bone strength. New research however, is challenging every belief that we have held about ageing. Many researchers believe that most of what we attribute to ageing results from disuse or misuse of the body and mind.

3 rules that will help

Never hurry through life. Always keep a quiet heart (Mind)
Avoid extreme outbursts of emotions – it drains energy from the body and disrupts the function of our organs
Practice daily breathing and exercises (Tai Chi)