How To Get Perfect Abs ? Athletes Style

Every four years the people of the entire planet take part in summer Olympics. Some compete there and some are there with the heart and soul. I must admit I am a fan of this huge event and my favorite part of the Olympics is the athletics competition. I am always amazed of how good the athletes look and how shaped up their abs are.

Some of them have great genetics but all of them have worked hard to sculpt those six pack abs. Only by hard work and exercise you can achieve those beautiful muscles. And since it is clear that they hold the key to having a great body, why doesn?t anyone follow their advices and lifestyle? The fitness community tends to overlook this important fact. But do not get me wrong. I do not mean that we should wake up at 5 in the morning and do back flips. What we can do is investigate their lifestyle and how they train. We should see what exercises they do and how they eat.

I have noticed that the athletes are not doing ordinary ab workouts. In my visits at some Olympic training facilities I have seen how athletes do ab exercises every day.
They are particularly fond of these two exercises:

The Hanging Leg Raise ? Get an overhand grip on the chin up bar. Then you have to raise the legs up until they almost touch the chin up bar. Return until the knees, hips and waist is extended. Repeat the number of reps.

The V-Sit Up ? Lie with the hands over the head and, at the same time, raise the legs up and also the torso. Reach towards the raised feet with the hands and then return to the straight position.

Besides these two types of exercises, the gymnasts also work their abs by doing some full body movements. You can do these movements at home and perform full body movements that train the abs. You will need a fancy seat, a chest/back support or a bench.
Here are 3 types of exercises that can be easily done at home and they will help you train the abs:

1. Do suspended push ups. Lie on your back on the bench and let the abs just ?go to sleep?. You will work the shoulders, the chest, and also the triceps.

2. Ditch the pull down for some chin ups. If you do chin ups your abs will be working full time to perform the movements. It is a great movement.

3. Ditch the leg press for some tuck jumps. Leg press exercises are putting the abs to sleep because of the bench support. But that is not all. And because the sled is on guiding rods you are only allowed to move linearly and no stabilization or support is required from your abs. Also, you should now that the tuck jumps, are providing a great workout for the abs. All this in one single exercise! This is the big advantage of these full body exercises. They are helping you ?kill two birds with one stone? because they are very efficient.

So go on and make these changes in your workout routine and enjoy the results. Your goal of getting those perfect six pack abs is closer than you think.

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